Elwood's Thai Adventures

A trip down memory lane...

A trip down memory lane...

After arriving in Bangkok, clearing customs and spending a couple of nights at Airtel Hideaway Ari, we had arranged with Christian to pick us up at 6am to transport Jen and I, Elwood, his massive crate and our four massive suitcases plus our carry-on luggage.  We had delusions of grandeur thinking this was going to be a piece of cake.  Of course all the luggage, the crate and the dog would fit easily in the back of the truck.  Jen was even going to sit back there with him in relative comfort for the 9 hour trip down a road we had travelled last year when we went to Koh Tao and sing songs and tell jokes the entire way.  

What we keep failing to realize is this is Thailand and it is never ever how it seems.  If the best way to go is right, the obvious way to go would be left.  In Thailand there is no left, right, best, obvious way, you just go and go with the knowledge that everyone else around you knows exactly what your intentions are and is looking out for your best interests in whatever your goal is.  Ha Ha, I couldn’t even finish writing that last part without laughing out loud.  That last part is true, well except for the part about looking out for your best interests.  Here it’s every person for themselves but I digress.

Christian arrived to pick us up at around 7am with a full load of furniture in the back of his truck.  He had a client moving to Phuket and this was a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.  I had my serious doubts that everything was going to fit.  Him, myself and his wife spent the next two hours unpacking and repacking the truck so that everything fit.  As I watched Christian and his wife unload and reload everything a scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles kept coming to mind.  You might recall the scene where Owen, Gus’ son, comes to pick up Dell and Neil.  All I want to say is Christian’s wife may be short and skinny but she’s strong.

After all the packing and repacking of the back of the truck there was just enough room for a small child to stand back there so Elwood would have to ride up front in the cab with Jen and Christians wife who drove.  And of course Christian and I would ride in the back in the three square feet of space and off we took.

Now the trip from Bangkok to Dawn of Happiness, which is in the Krabi district is roughly a ten hour trip by automobile but with an 85 kilo drooly dog drooling on the drivers shoulder the whole way and two grown men huddled together in the back there was going to have to be a lot of pit stops.

We stopped numerous times along the way for gas, water, bathroom breaks and snacks.  We also went through five police check points along the way which slowed our 9-10 hour trip turned into 14 hours.  Hopefully, they still had our reservation held and someone was going to be up at midnight to check us in.

I just had to include this clip.

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