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Steve's Accident


Hi friends. Well the past few days have been rather busy, but today takes the cake!

Steve went out to the store earlier on the scooter but returned rather quickly for such a trip. He pulled up and said the words no one wants to hear "I dumped the bike" This is a statement that strikes fear into me, and I'm sure anyone else who's loved one goes out on two wheels. I have seen the damage even a small spill can do to flesh and bone. Not pretty. However, since he seemed very calm and made it back home on said bike, my panic level dropped, I even took a pic of his arm . . . THEN I took a good long look at HIM!

He removed a rather large chunk out of his elbow, (I had no idea we have fat around our elbows, but there it was) He has numerous scrapes and cuts all along his right side, and to make it worse, he has cracked, perhaps broken a couple of ribs. Since I haven’t learned to ride the scooter yet, (I wonder why) we took him to the Dr in a taxi. (On a side note, when I told the driver where we wanted to go in Ao Nang he felt it necessary to correct my pronunciation of it. I say it like its spelled Ow Nang, rhyming with HANG. Nope, it’s Ow NONG. There is Steve, dripping blood everywhere and this guy insists on giving us a lesson. This has happened before too. It’s one of those absurd Thailand things) Anyhow, they cleaned his wounds; there was nothing they could do for his elbow as it is just a hole and stitching would have been impossible. As for the ribs, the Doc said that he probably didn’t puncture a lung as his breathing was ok, BUT to keep an eye on him (No kidding, he’s not leaving my sight) Once again, can’t do much for the ribs except rest, which is going to be difficult as he is in excruciating pain. Sleeping will consist of being propped up for a few nights I’m sure. At the end of it, he was bandaged up, given pain killers and anti inflammatories, advised to use an ice pack, and we were sent on our way.

 Driving in Thailand is, to put it mildly, dangerous. To drive without a helmet is stupid, but we do it, most people do, secure in the “It won’t happen to me” attitude. Steve just wrote a fantastic and funny article on driving here but the fact of the matter remains . . . .you COULD die and it happens here more often than people would like to admit.

I asked the nurse who was tending to Steve how many bike accidents she sees a day and she just went “Pffft” and shook her head.

People come here who have never, ever been on a bike and they are handed keys, you don’t even need to show a drivers license, just money, and off you go.

Steve is a careful driver and his accident today only involved him, a speed bump and some very loose dirt and gravel. He wasn’t going very fast, but just fast enough that when the “perfect” combination of circumstances came together, an accident occurred. Imagine if he was going 60 and hit that same bump? Whew, nope, I don’t want to go there.

He will be ok, thank goodness, but it could have ended much, much worse.

Thank you to Dr. Somboon and his staff at the clinic, they were top notch, super professional, and damned fast!

The only good thing to come of this was the bill . . . . . all treatment and drugs for $40. Canadian. I guess with all of the bike accident patients they see, they are still raking it in.

Be safe friends.

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