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Elwood Takes to the Skies. Part IV. Flight Day.

Elwood Takes to the Skies. Part IV. Flight Day.

Here we were, the big day! Everything was set…well, for Elwood at least. Steve and I spent the day getting the remainder of our things packed up and into storage with the help of one of my best friends Sabrina. She really came through for us, dropping everything, renting a van and helping to load up our things and then take Elwood and us to the airport. She THEN drove us back home.  Remember all that procrastinating I mentioned in the earlier post "Packing thoughts and a Popcorn Maker"? Well, it had caught up to us in a big way. The day before that, we had our incredible friend Rikki help us take truck loads of stuff to Thrift stores. He was amazing and we can’t thank him enough! Friends are without a doubt one of the best gifts ever.

 Since this is Elwood’s big travel day. I will focus on that. As the time drew closer for his flight, I made sure to check his paperwork again, ensured he had everything, and got a shirt ready to put in the crate with him that smelled of me. I also double checked that his water for the trip was frozen solid so that it would melt slowly and give him some hydration on the way to Amsterdam. Finally the time came to get him on his way. We loaded his crate (dismantled) into the van, and he happily jumped right in after it. Sabrina drove, Steve rode shotgun and I sat in the back with Elwood on the floor. His flight didn’t leave till 10:45, but we had to have him there for 5pm to get everything in order. It was a long trip, not by distance so much but just in general. I had a million thoughts and feelings, but I held it together surprisingly well. I guess once everything was happening I knew there was no turning back, and since it was out of my hands at that point there was only harm in worrying and stressing. Instead I spent the time talking to Elwood and telling him that we would of course be there to pick him up, and to not be too scared by all of the strange noises, and to be a good boy. I wondered how the people in Amsterdam would get him back in his crate once they let him out if he decided he did not want to go! I giggled at that image for a bit. I took a couple of selfies with him which made me feel better even though he wasn’t that into it.

When we finally arrived at World Wide Animal Travel, Bob was right there to meet us. (That's Bob in the  above pic) Elwood was happy to see him which made ME happy. Even the pets know what a good guy he is; he must have this fantastic aura. Sabrina and I then took Elwood for a stroll to empty his bladder while the guys reassembled his crate and placed it on a pallet. When the time came to put him in it, I thought he’d be a bit difficult, maybe scared, but all my worrying was for naught. He went right in, no complaining, no whining, no stress . . . . Nothing! I have to say I was torn between jubilation and “Hey, I’ve been worrying myself to death about this day for months and you just happily skip off without so much as a backward glance”? Actually, it really helped me because if he had have been freaking out, I would have been a total mess. As it was, because he was good, I was good. We snapped a couple of pictures and then the forklift came, picked him up and took him to a quiet area till his flight.

That was it. We thanked Bob profusely and were on our way back home. I think we were about ten minutes out from the airport when it caught up with me and I had a moment of panic and shed some tears. I don’t know why there was the delayed reaction, perhaps I was so wound up that I didn’t have time for it, or maybe I didn’t want him to see me stress. I do know that for the rest of the evening I must have been subconsciously watching the clock, because at 10:40 I said to Steve “Elwood’s plane leaves in five minutes” I heaved a great sigh and sent out good and hopeful thoughts. The next time we would see him it would be on the other side of our beautiful planet, his journey had begun.   

As it turned out, if we had known what awaited us at the other end, I probably would have cried nonstop for our entire trip!                                                                                                                

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