Elwood's Thai Adventures

Decisions, decisions.

You go on an amazing vacation after planning and saving for months.

Everything was perfect, the weather, the people and culture, and you took part in so many new and incredible experiences.
In short, you had the best time ever!
 Suddenly it's all over, three weeks ends in the blink of an eye and you find yourself back at home, and worse . . . . . back at work.
Fluorescent lighting, insufferable redundant job, the commute, the bills.
Having to get up early to leave your home, family and pets for the day to pay for everything you have, but very rarely see, or spend quality time with.

 For a week or two you ride the vacation high, telling everyone who will listen about your trip and your experiences. You show off your pictures of gorgeous sunsets and turquoise waters lapping on sugar sand shores, and you say . . . . . ."We can't wait to go back, we didn't want it to end"
You wistfully talk about doing it forever . . . ."Wouldn't that be amazing if we just took off and never came back?"
Then, a little crooked smile, part humor part wishful thinking materializes and accompanies the far off, inward look you posses.
 You KNOW how crazy that sounds because everything is stable, your life, your job, your pension. People tell you not to be impulsive, to plan everything, to be cautious. People say it's dangerous to travel what with world events as they are. People say don't take chances, stay home in your comfort zone, it's safe here, everything is predictable . . . . .in short, smother that " what if" voice of your dreams.
BUT,  What if,  . . . .WHAT IF . . . . you cross that stable line, the one from "We should" to "WE WILL" and not just step over it, but POLE VAULT over that damn thing  AND our comfort zones to turn "stable and mundane" into "spectacular, exciting uncertainty", living life as we want on OUR terms??

Yes, we have made that colossal leap.

I can't remember the exact moment that conversation happened and we made that decision.I can't recall any high fives, or tears or cheering. I think we both just knew it would happen and it was a very short talk. I also believe the idea of everything we had ahead of us to make it happen sort of overwhelmed that moment.
To say it and to plan and execute it is both liberating and terrifying, but we are doing it!
Oh, and did I mention our 187 lb St. Bernard is coming with us????

Decisions, decisions.

Once the decision was made to go, then came the purging of our things . . . .We procrastinate, it’s what we do. Always have.I’d like to say we had it all together and executed t...
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