About Us

Dear Friends and family.
Last year Steve and I embarked on an amazing adventure across the world in Thailand. Aside from the beautiful beaches, incredible food and wonderful people, there is something very alluring about this magnificent country. In short, we were hooked! Of course whenever people return from an amazing vacation they say "I can't wait to go back" Well, after much thought and a whole bunch of planning we are doing just that, only we have decided to make it permanent! Our plane tickets have been purchased for late August, and of course Elwood will be coming too. He is our boy and we wouldn't dream of leaving him behind. Starting now we will be selling everything we own either through here, buy and sell sites, or in one of a few yard sales we are planning.
This is huge for us and we have had many mixed feelings from elation to freedom, to sadness at leaving everyone we love behind, to hope and yes a little apprehension. However, after all of that, we have decided life is very short and to go with our dreams and see what new adventures await.
 Much love, Steve, Jen and Elwood Xoxo

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